Farm City Detroit

In 2008 Blight Busters teamed up with Fertile Ground Collective to make Farm City Detroit a reality. In 2012, we received $120,000 in funding from Skillman Foundation and Marjorie Max Fisher to transform ten (10) blighted properties into what is now known as Farm City Detroit. Thanks to both Skillman Foundation and Fisher Foundation, we are pleased to report that Phase 1 & Phase 2 of our initial plan are completed.

Since we began this project, we have generated outcomes that improved the neighborhood, employed 32 neighborhood youths, engaged over 3,000 volunteers and created a sustainable environment that fosters a mentoring environment for neighborhood youth.

Additional outcomes included: safer passages free from dangerous abandoned properties, much of the properties were salvaged for recycling as part of our hand demolition process, inter-generational mentorships were established between senior garden specialists and community youth, and the community enjoyed the harvest of the planted vegetables.

For the remaining Phase 3, we are seeking donations to complete Farm City Detroit. Once a long row of abandoned and dangerous properties, Farm City Detroit aims to become an urban oasis where people of all walks of life can enjoy their community.

How Can You Help?
Contact us for volunteer opportunities, or make a donation. Every dollar counts.