Artist Village Detroit

Artist Village Detroit is another Blight Busters miracle. This near extinction facility was reborn through our volunteers and coalition of partners. Artist Village Detroit is home of Motor City Java House, the heartbeat of Northwest Detroit, where the world meets. Motor City Java house serves as the Blight Busters volunteer headquarters.

Over the past 15 years, Blight Busters has invested over $300,000 in the facility improvements. Today it is a 6,000 square foot entertainment and shopping complex with five commercial tenants, three residential tenants and two 750 square foot office spaces.

As a result of our investment, this Old Redford neighborhood within Brightmoor has emerged as a thriving business hub and has created a downtown where there wasn’t one. We are proud of attracting and retaining such businesses as The Old Redford Theater, Sweet Potato Sensations, Sam’s Shoe Repair, Motor City Java House, Ray-Anns Boutique, Detroit Tire and others. We look to continue attracting more retailers, small businesses and residential tenants.

The acquisition of the Blight Busters Artist Village is essential in establishing financial sustainability for the Blight Busters. Upon purchase of the property, Blight Busters plans on implementing a three stage process of completing the Blight Busters Headquarters.

Phase 1: Property Acquisition
Purchase of Artists Village property

Phase 2: Property Restoration
Complete code improvements, a new roof, utility upgrades, finishing vacant space and completing the courtyard atrium.

Phase 3: Blight Busters Factory Store
A vital step in creating sustainable income for Blight Busters is creating the Blight Busters Factory Store. In our demolition and restoration work, we acquire valuable architectural salvage as well as property donations that can be redistributed to the community at no or low cost.