Donate a Home

From real estate to tools, Blight Busters finds the right place for any donation of property or supplies. Your donations are tax deductible, and we enjoy sharing with our donors how their contributions are being used on an ongoing basis. What that means to donors is a tax deduction for their property that may be worth more to them than the resale value of that property.

Donate a Vehicle

The automobile built Detroit, and now you can help us rebuild neighborhoods through your vehicle donation! Donate your used car or boat and get blue book value. Many of the metropolitan areas in Michigan do not have good mass transit systems. We want to provide affordable transportation to qualified low-income individuals at a sale price significantly below fair market value.


Donate for our Community Engagement Programs

Throughout the year we open our renovated blight to our community members. We host summer art workshop at Artist Village Detroit, summer gardening program at Farm City Detroit, volunteer clean-up drive that is open to all, free jazz music and open mic poetry events as well as many other leadership training opportunities for youth. We are expanding our programs and your support would help us deliver the best of our services to our community.